Indigenous’ land invasion

A village in the Yanomami indigenous territory
A village in the Yanomami indigenous territory
A village in the Yanomami indigenous territory in the north of Brazil, close to the Venezuelan border. At least three groups of Yanomami are uncontacted. Photograph: Guilherme Gnipper Trevisan/Hutukara

Brazilian newspaper O Globo and british The Guardian, on march 23 and 24 this year, published an alarming story about the invasion of isolated indigenous lands in the Javari Valley, in the Amazon region, promoted by an american citizen called Andrew Tonkin, self-titled Missionary. This invasion has a high degree of logistics since, as the reports advance, the invader has a team, flashlights, weapons and even a helicopter. It is, therefore, nothing less than an organized crime, a supremacist act of cultural imposition, a clear violation of Brazilian laws.


    This situation is even more serious, because it is not only possible corruption of isolated communities protected by law, but also possible mass contamination due to the pandemic of the new Covid-19. This unreasonable and illegal attempt can lead entire communities to death.


The constitutional rights of the native people of Brazil are, day after day, being increasingly disrespected, including with government bodies that protect and ensure these rights, are being completely ignored. Mr. Tonkin has already been charged by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF), Funai and Federal Police (PF) in two attempts to illegally invade indigenous lands. Last year, according to the newspaper O Globo, he entered the region where isolated communities live close to the Itacoaí river, west of Amazonas State, without authorization.


We publish this public release, internationally, to press the brazilian authorities to act immediately in the fight against this disaster. The time is a key-factor, we cannot, in any circumstance, allow this crime to happen. We claim for everybody who believes in the essential rights of the native communities, the autonomy right, the cultural right, the right to live, to protest against this absurdity. Our fight is, undoubtedly, international.


We demand immediate action, with the full force of the law, from the Brazilian Government.


Fridays for Future Amazônia

Fridays for Future Brasil

Famílias Pelo Clima – PFF Brasil